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    By: Bijan Biswal
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    By: Bijan Biswal
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    The online stock trading apps generally offer the ability to buy and sell the shares of stocks and ETFs with no commissions. They allow a person to research the investments and easily enter orders to buy or sell their shares.

    To make the selections, a person generally considers the pricing and fees, investment options, account types, investment platforms, investment research, and various educational resources. Generally, all the online brokerage companies are now launching the best trading app in India 2021 for their online trading platform.

    A person can do anything and everything with their phone or tablet nowadays, and in this way,, a person who uses them can also make investments and trade stocks within the apps. In the various online trading apps, a person doesn't have to spend a large amount of money paying a broker to make their trades. Even if an individual is not very experienced or knowledgeable, the best online stock trading app platforms usually come with tips and resources to help the person better and educate themselves.

    A person only needs one or two of the best stock trading apps for beginners to make their investments. It also depends on their experience level as well as trading style. Mobile trading application use in India has increased by over 100% in recent years.

    By looking to the growing demand for trading apps, various fund management companies have launched their apps. They have launched various stock trading apps with instant deposits.

    Due to this, nowadays, the online market has been flooded with trading apps.

    A few things that a good mobile online investment application should have:-

    First and foremost, the online trading mobile application should be compatible with all the major mobile operating systems. It should also cover all the strata of the investors as well as that of the mobile phones. Here, a person should also consider the best stock trading app for Android and IOS that are available in the market.

    The Second is the size as well as the number of Apps that are being launched. Simplicity here is the key. This is an absolute misnomer. The company here needs to provide what their customer wants. Simple to use apps are generally more popular in the market than an app with a very complex design.

    It should also include all types of customers from various backgrounds in their mobile applications.

    Thirdly, the company should also have a DevOps methodology to upgrade the App. This means there should be constant integration and constant deployment of the trading application.

    Lastly, the company should give support to its users anytime and anywhere. Anytime a person tells about an issue he/she is facing, the company should resolve it in the minimum time possible. This will bring in more users as no users will switch to other applications.

    Top 4 Best Trading App In India

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    1. Zerodha KITE online trading mobile app

     Zerodha is one of the top campaigners with their flagship app KITE for their users. To get this App, a person needs to go to the play store and install the App on their mobile. They can open their account by registering the email id. List.

    In this application, to buy a share, a person needs to have the balance in their account that can be accessed within the App. They can click on to add funds, and you will see the fund added to your Demat account.

    Zerodha Kite is very popular because of the simplicity that it offers. It is very easy to navigate and understand. It has a minimalistic interface that restricts the user to what he/she is looking for. It does not show the screen with what the users never use or rarely use.

    This keeps the user focused on what he/she is aiming at, "trading" without any uncalled-for distraction. It is a very lightweight app. It has free investment charges, provided a person does not buy or sell a share on the same day.


    • It is a universal search tool that enables users to find simple and complex stocks.

    • It can apply over 100 technical indicators on real-time charts.

    • The trade chart that is provided in the App generally enables the user to trade from charts directly.

    • A person can also set unlimited price alerts for instant updates

    • They can also create an unlimited number of personalized watchlists

    2. 5paisa online trading app

    The 5 paisa discount brokers own the 5paisa trading app. It has a very low charge than its competitors, which is only 10p/executed order. This is an app that offers the unique feature of guest login. A person here can avoid giving all their details to check the application.


    • This App has a very easy Demat opening feature for beginners.

    •    Similar to the ET markets, it generally provides constant real-time live updates and quotes from the NSE as well as the BSE

    • The Auto investor feature that is present in it generally helps a person to build a fully developed and personalize mutual fund investment portfolio

    • It has a very easy screening tool with 5 paise free accounts in which a person can also invest in top mutual funds.

    3. Upstox pro app

    It is a very heavy feature-loaded app. This App is guided by the principle that the more features, the more users will be.


    • The Universal search tool that is present here generally enables users to find very simple as well as complex stocks

    • This App also shows charts at multiple intervals and multiple types and drawing styles.

    • This App also can apply over 100 technical indicators on real-time charts.

    • It has a Leveraging Trade from Chart (TFC) feature, which allows a user to directly trade from charts.

    • A person can set unlimited price alerts for instant updates. They can also create an unlimited number of personalized watchlists.

    4. Angel Broking online trading app

    It is the most experienced campaigner with over 30+ years of experience and presence, and they are also one of the first companies to enter the Indian market.

    It usually offers many services to its users, ranging from insurance, mutual funds, brokerage, and nearly all the financial instruments to its investors.

    The brokerage charges that are demanded here are relatively high.


    • A person can view multiple Index with their real-time prices

    • An individual can also get streaming Market watch

    • They can also get live updates on top gainers and losers

    • The users can also get information about the Intraday Chart News

    • It generally enables its users to create personalized device watchlists

    • They also allow the user to access nearly 10 transactions for the ledger,


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