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    By: Bijan Biswal
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    By: Bijan Biswal
    Life insurance

    Are you searching for the best term life insurance with a return of premium? In this article, you can find your answer very briefly, and you can clear all your doubts regarding the return of premium term insurance. A variant of a term insurance plan is also called a return of premium term insurance. Among the policy buyers, the premium term insurance is a quite popular product. To cater to the insurance seekers needs, it is specially designed and organized. The return of premium term insurance is likely similar to any other standard term insurance plan. This insurance is designed to insure against other types of eventuality with financial protection to your family members. The return of premium term insurance has unique, distinctive features as survival benefits to an insured person in case the person survives the policy tenure, which offers the advantages of the return of premium. It varies from other standards term plans.

    How does the Return of Premium Term Insurance work?

    The return of premium term insurance works with the coverage for a specified term, like 10 to 30 years. According to the term of your coverage, if you die in any circumstances, the death benefit goes to the beneficiary, which has been previously mentioned in the company policy. Sometimes your coverage may end if you outlive the term of your policy. Therefore, you need to be updated with your insurance plan. The return of premium term insurance is less expensive and has more benefits as compared to permanent life insurance. The return of premium term insurance has advantages if you are planning to purchase it. If you outlive the term, the insurance company will refund the premiums you have paid before to them.

    What are the features of Return of Premium Term Insurance?

    You can find various features of the premium term insurance, which are mentioned below. Please have a look at it.

    • Premium payment options:

    You can find premium payment options in the plan with including limited pay options, regular pay, onetime payment options, and pay until 60. According to your preference, you can go for these options.

    • Additional surrender value:

    If you are purchasing the premium term insurance plan and for some other reason you are discontinuing the payment, then you can get an additional surrender value with certain conditions.

    • Affordable:

    The premium term insurance plan may cost you more, but it has more benefits as compared to other term insurance plans.

    Who can buy the Return of Premium Term Insurance?

    You must have a question in your mind that you are eligible for this premium term insurance or not?  Well, this article will provide you the answer with explain various categories of the plan. Personal factors like age, medical conditions, lifestyle habits, and income source are important when it comes to purchasing premium term insurance. So, if you are planning to purchase the premium term insurance, you need to look into these personal factors and follow up on their provided benefits.  In addition, the premium term insurance has various categories for its intended audiences or customers, which are discussed below. Please have a glance at it.

    • Unmarried:

    If you are an unmarried person, you must have your parents and other family members' responsibility. If you are choosing premium term insurance, you can get the term insurance with maturity benefit. In case of your sudden demises, your family responsibility will be taken care of by the death benefits of your insurance.

    • Married and having children:

    If you are a parent, you must have the responsibility of your children’s higher education, better lifestyle, marriage, etc. You must be feeling burden with managing the present expenses with hardly saving some money for your future. In this case, you can go for premium term insurance, which can help you to save money for your future generation. If you are the only earning source in this category, then your spouse will also be considered the beneficiary of your plan insurance.

    • Married but has no children:

    If you are staying with your life partner and do not have any child, you can go for this plan. You can purchase this plan for your partner, so in your absence or sudden demises, it can help him/her. By purchasing the premium term insurance, you are purchasing the financial support system for your future.

    What are the significant benefits of the Return of Premium Term Insurance?

    The Return of Premium Term Insurance has many benefits for you. Let’s have a look at it.

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    • Death-related benefits:

    Life cover is a significant purpose when you are purchasing premium term insurance. These plans are for the financial security of your family when you are not around them. During the crisis, the premium term insurance plan will ensure to manage your family expenses. You can find this option with icici term plan with return of premium.

    • Tax-related benefits:

    You can be eligible for the tax-related benefits if you are taking the option of premium term insurance. According to the prevailing tax law, you can get tax-related benefits.

    • Return of premium (ROP) benefits:

    You can find the maturity benefits with return of premium (ROP) benefits in the premium term insurance plan. You can take the help of a term insurance premium calculator to keep the flow of the term plan and pay on time. To stay reassured with the plan, the return of premium benefits allows the policyholders.

    Why should you go for a Return of Premium Term Insurance?

    In a busy lifestyle, you must be facing problems in managing your money as the responsibilities are increasing with the costly living style. At this time, getting an opportunity to invest your money in a safe financial plan is the best choice you can make. The return of premium term insurance offers you various advanced benefits such as accidental death benefits, protection against critical or serious illness, waiver of premium, and disability benefits. For more information, you can follow up on the return of premium term life insurance hdfc.


    Now you must have clarity about the return of premium term insurance, its work process, its benefits, its features, and who can buy it. As many companies are providing a return of premium term life insurance, you need to do little research on the company to invest your money.



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