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    By: Bijan Biswal
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    By: Bijan Biswal
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    There are two important elements you need to focus on before discussing the top 10 small business ideas. Proper, efficient management and a sufficient amount of capital are two basic key ingredients without which a particular amount of sustainable and profitable business is not at all possible. It has been observed that most businesses usually get obsolete within a few years of starting a business, and the entrepreneurs are ideally forced to shut them down due to unavoidable circumstances.

    The entrepreneurs need to adopt the scientific approach that is ahead of its time to ensure or guarantee constant or increasing profit margins within no time. In order to develop a general futuristic approach is not that difficult to adopt. It is important to keep an eye on any declining trends and modern industries as well as options of fast-growing occupations. There are top business trends for 2020 for future business ideas 2022 that can yield more/higher profits in the long run.

    1) Internet of Things (IoT)

    This concept of the Internet of things, one of the most successful small business ideas in the first place because similar to the concept of the internet, which grew enormously a few decades ago and has completely changed the way we live in modern times. Internet of things (IoT) is an advanced system of several interconnected modern computing devices that are responsible for providing unique identifiers and are able to easily transfer valuable data over the spread of a trusted network without requiring any human intervention and directly through computer interaction.

    There is the fact that unprecedented connectivity, basically increased efficiency, cost and time-saving surpluses, nowadays businesses of all sizes and types will need some of this innovative concept to provide the necessary support, basic infrastructure and outstanding hardware to adopt IoT.

    According to the data of Mckinsey Global Institute report, the Internet of things dynamic industry has the enormous potential to generate a revenue of approximately $4-$11 trillion in value globally by 2025. So, we can say that IoT can be a safe and trusted option when thinking about future prospects of most successful small business ideas.

    2) 3-D Printing

    This concept is growing, from building houses to human organs. 3-D printing is essentially needed, and in the future, it will continue to transform our lives.3-D printing is one of the most profitable and growing businesses currently in the world platform because it totally revolutionized the concept of manufacturing business.

    Previously 3-D used to cost a lot during beginning years, but currently, prices have come down, but they are still a little expensive. One can simply own a 3-D printer and can set their own shop and take bulk orders, but because of lack of knowledge about modern technology, it needs some rigorous advertising to attract or get the attention of well-paying clients.

    3) Renewable Energy Supplies

    The concept of Renewable energy is very important these days because all of us really want to save our planet. Asian countries like India and China, along with others, are still depending on non-renewable sources of energy. It is reported that nearly 63% of India’s current total energy requirements are met from natural resources like coal. The global data for top business trends for 2020 reflects that businesses related to the manufacturing of solar panels can be a suitable and profitable venture in the long run.

    4) Virtual Reality (VR) and Gaming Arcade

    Virtual Reality Computing (VR) is one the best among top 10 small business ideas; it is a huge technological advancement that provides the end-user with a realistic or approachable sensory experience. It’s been projected that by the end of the year 2020, the worldwide size of the VR market will rise to $40 Billion. Modern escape rooms and Lounges are to project a phenomenal rise in recent years. If you are tech-savvy and a big gaming fan, then this could be the perfect business opportunity for you to grow.

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    5) Business related to Software Engineering and Development

    Software developers have the ability to create, test and maintain software. The usual demand for advanced software developers is projected to rise by 17% each year through the end of the year 2023 with good pay. With improvement in computer technology advancement, the brighter scope for software developers looks bright and interesting. Not only this, most big companies will need advanced networks that are much faster, more seamlessly advanced, and more secure and providing these basic solutions basically, a modern software company seems a very suitable and profitable business

    6) Outsourcing Business (Freelance work)

    According to the latest reports, this pandemic has changed the way we work now and will be changed in future also. The modern outsourcing business will boom by the year 2020. 50% of Americans are currently working independently and making enormous amounts of money through their own individually owned small businesses online.

    Because of the high cost of hiring full-time employees, the majority of small startups are currently outsourcing their work to actually minimize or reduce expenses and maximize daily profits. Countries like China and India are good examples where operational costs are relatively low compared to developed nations. India, over the last few years, has become a major hub for outsourcing jobs like call centres due to its better English speaking majority of population and extremely low operational cost.

    7) Security Services

    Another suitable option to start a venture in Security services, which is in demand always. .

    8) Digital Marketing Consultant or Campaign Manager

    Digital advertising is growing, every new company coming to market need this service to promote themselves online.

    9) Online marketing

    Basic online marketing can also be a good example of a startup.

    10) E-commerce Store Website

    People like online shopping; taking business online is a good idea for startups. Each of the above services need personal expertise. So please train yourself before entering into any above service provider category. And do a proper Market research before entering nay new business.


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