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    Before diving into SGX stock screener let us first understand what a stock screener is and why you must use it. A stock screener is an investment tool for both professional and beginner investors. It helps in filtering stocks based on a predetermined set of criteria. You will no longer require spending your valuable time evaluating stocks manually. Platforms like SGX stock screener allow you to look through over 800 stocks via a single platform. No more manual work, all your vital statistics are just a click away. Read this article till the very end to learn about how to use SGX stock screener for trading.

    What is an SGX stock screener? Why should you use a stock screener?

    Singapore Exchange is known as the most technologically sound financial market in Asia. 

    If you are beginning your journey in the stock market then it can be an excellent place to start. Besides, Singapore's regulations require businesses to comply with rigorous financial, corporate, and government standards. Only those companies that fulfill the specified standards are listed in the market.

    SDS stock screener is a free share screening tool developed in 2014 by SGX. It was developed in collaboration with data providers S & P Capital IQ.

    The developers were quick to realize that investors were mostly using Yahoo finance and Bloomberg to learn about stock revenues, cash flow, profits, and other important factors. There was no single screen that could provide investors with detailed information about stock valuation, selection criteria, and proportional analysis.

    Stock screening not only helps in saving valuable time but also allows investors to set their criteria. Traders can now conduct distinctive screening of stocks using SGX as per their preferences. It justifies why choose SGX Stock Screener?

    After you create an initial list of stocks with SGX then you can analyze the business for evaluation of value and prospects. This helps in better stock evaluation and prevents wastage of time and resources.

    Ways of using SGX stock screener

    SGX stock screener is a free share screening tool.

    Simply you have to visit the SGX website and then click on the security section. Select price and securities from the first drop-down menu.

    The free version of the application offers an extensive range of features for investors without login.

    After 2019 SGX has removed the stock facts plus feature for free users.

    For beginner investors, the free version of the application is more than sufficient. If you need advanced features, you can sign up for the premium version. 

    Once you visit the page you will come across an extensive range of filters. Below you will learn about how to build a stock screener.

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    Searching For Stock Using Stock Code And Company Name

    Using the SGX stock screener is very simple. You can easily search for stocks with the help of a stock code or company name.

    Enter the stock code or company name in the text box

    Next, Click on the magnifying glass icon

    You will be redirected to the companies that shot the page

    You can also make keyword-based research. Stork facts will present you with a list of companies that matches your keyword.

    You can also customize the search results by modifying selection criteria

    Explore more filters if you need to choose stocks based on similar criteria 

    Generate Stocks With The Help Of Filters

    Beginners typically do not have any specific stocks to choose from. The SGX screener helps in generating new ideas.

    First, select the stock criteria as per your analysis. Following is a list of metrics that you need to consider before choosing a stock

    Net profit

    Price and earning

    Market capitalisation

    Debt equity

    Dividend yield

    Price and book value

    To add more filters to your search criteria. Select criteria and click on the box beside it. Next, you can make use of the dynamics slider for generating corresponding results based on desired criteria.

    How To Use The Dynamic Slider Tool?

    The dynamic slider tool is for filtering results. You can use it to change between maximum and minimum distribution.  For the industrial sector, you will find a drop-down box on the right side labeled 'select sector'.

    Sorting Result Using SGX Screener

    As discussed, companies that match your criteria will be shortlisted and displayed in the search result. The list follows the alphabetical order of displaying results. You can sort results by clicking on the header section of the column.

    Here you also get the option of further refining your results based on the industry sector. Click on the option label select sector to access a drop-down menu with various sector options. The ‘customize display’ option helps in defining additional information about companies.

    Company Snapshot

    This is what makes SGX Stock Screener unique. It also provides you with information regarding the research and analysis of stocks.

    Following are some of the useful features of company snapshot

    Last price

    Print company snapshot

    Sidebar menu

    Price and chart


    Company data

    Recent financial data

    Governance and transparency index

    S&p capital IQ consensus estimate

    Singapore Governance and Transparency Index weigh up companies based on corporate governance and disclosures. It also takes into account factors like accessibility, timeliness, and transparency of financial data.

    SGTI makes use of two components adjustment bonus and base score. Factors for evaluating base code include shareholder rights, board responsibilities, shareholder engagement, audit, disclosure and transparency, accountability. Every company is evaluated on these criteria along with additional coverage and unique operational nature.

    You might require some time to understand the different stock screening strategies and features of the SGX stock screener. But once you're able to understand the different features and functionality of this platform. You will be able to make full use of this excellent tool. If you plan to become a serious investor and learn the different aspects of the stock market. SGX stock screener is the perfect free tool to learn about the basics of investing. It is truly one of the most reliable and easily accessible tools for trading in the stock market.


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