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    According to the latest news, the PFO has made provisions on the online portal which allow employees to transfer the account from one to another. Now you can convert your pf account from an old one to a new one with few easy steps. By pf transfer online, you can save your time and energy. If you also want to convert your account from old to new, then read this article to get more information. 

    All about transferring PF from one account to another:

    If you are switching your job or moving to a new city, you don't need to close that account specifically, but yes, you have to switch the account from the old to the new one. You can transfer the funds from the old account to the new one by submitting the request online. To submit this, you have to upload and submitting the necessary documents. It helps users or employees to prevent the hassle. Here we will discuss the necessary steps to submit the application to switch the account, transfer pf amount to bank account and other basic information that helps you!

    Step-by-Step Guide for Online Transfer of PF Funds

    If you want to transfer pf amount to a bank account or you want to switch your old account to a new one, then follow the below discussed steps:

    • To transfer your pf funds from one account to another, you have to know your UAN. If you are assigned this number, then you can easily transfer your funds. If you have not this number, then ask it your employer. After that, go to the EPFO website and create your account by providing your UAN id.
    • After that, you will visit a page where you have to enter or submit personal information like UAN number, mobile number, details of your employment, state, mail id, establishment number, account number, etc.
    • After submitting all the information, you have to check whether you are eligible or not. Make sure that you have submitted the right state name where the employee is located. You can also search it through the establishment number through a dropdown menu.
    • After that, click on the check eligibility menu to check eligibility. They will let you know within minutes that whether you are eligible or not.
    • If you are eligible, then you can easily register on the EPFO website. Now you have to move to the further process.
    • In this step, you have to submit your valid ids like the photo, mail id, identity card, driving license, or Aadhaar number, etc.
    • While submitting this information, the site will send you a pin to your mobile and id for verification. So, don't forget to verify your id.
    • Submit this pin that will be provided to you to successfully move into the next step.
    • When you submit this pin and enter it into the next section, then you will visit the page of PF transfer claim status portal. 
    • To log in with this, you have to submit your phone number and document id. When you sign into the account, then you can check all the information regarding this.
    • Now visit the top section and click on the request to transfer an account. Now you have access to fill-up the form by submitting some information or data.
    • Here you have to submit some personal information and bank information like name, mobile number, mail id, IFSC code, and salary account number.
    • In the next section, you have to submit all your old PF account details for safety and security purposes.
    • After submitting the above information now, the site will ask you to submit the current PF account details. 
    • After completing and submitting all the above information, you can click on the preview section to check whether the given information is correct or not. If there is some mistake, then you can modify that instantly.
    • After ensuring that all the given information is right, you can enter the captcha and click on to "I Agree" option.
    • You will receive a pin to your id, and by entering this, you can initiate your claim transfer.
    • After completing all the tasks, you can check your application's status after few days by visiting to the same site by logging in.
    • If there is any issue, then you can mail it to the EPFO authority directly. They will get back to you within 72 hours. Ask them how many days to take for pf online transfer.

    Eligible criteria for transferring the PF account online from old to new?

    In order to transfer your PF account from an old to a new one, you need to pass all the eligibility criteria. Here are some of the eligibility criteria that you should pass:

    • You should have an activated UAN number.
    • The employer should have valid bank details like account number and IFSC code at the time of verification and submission.
    • It is also necessary to link your aadhaar number to the UAN account. 
    • The employee should mention his/her date of joining and date of leaving the office for proper reasons.
    • The employee should have only one chance to make a request against one member ID.

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    Things you should have while making a request for online PF transferring:

    Before applying your PF, you should have the necessary data:

    • Your registered mobile number should be active.
    • You should have an active UAN number
    • You should have a verified KYC number against UAN
    • Your bank account should be linked with your UAN.
    • Your PF number of both the employment should be saved in the EPFO database.

    Which documents you need for EPF transfer:

    In order to successfully transfer your PF from one employer to another one, you have the necessary documents that are:

    • The valid identity proofs including Aadhar, PAN, driving license.
    • The valid activate UAN number
    • The details of your past and current employers
    • The establishment number
    • Valid bank account details
    • Past and current PF account details.


    If you are also shifting the location of your employment and want to switch the PF account online from one employer to another, then this is how you can do it.


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