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    By: Bijan Biswal
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    By: Bijan Biswal
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    Whether you are new to the stock market or have been investing for some time. You either tend to depend on suggestions of brokers, or your friends while picking shares for your portfolio. According to experts, it's never a good idea to take suggestions from friends while investing in stocks. You must always do the market research all by yourself. It also allows you to trade through low-cost brokers. Nevertheless, there will be events when you are unable to figure out where to begin. The task of screening shares is a bit overwhelming. To select individual stocks investors should have good knowledge of prospective purchases. This is when modern stock screeners and market data can be useful.

    Stock screeners help investors to keep track of the entire market and consider certain factors while investing in shares. It has become the most valuable tool for modern stock traders on offline and online platforms. Web-based screeners provide an automatic update of market changes.

    Stock screeners and market data direct investors in making shrewd decisions. As an investor, you must always have up-to-date market data from different resources. Information like changes in interest rates, economic indicators, consumer sentiment, and energy sector demands is necessary for picking the right stocks. When you have the latest market data the task of how to build a stock screener becomes comparatively easy. 

    Professional investors always look for factors like continuously growing sales, high insider buying, and revenue earnings. These are the signs of a successful company. You should be able to study the financial statements of companies. It will help you understand how to use stock screener for day trading.

    Type Of Information Necessary For Stock Investors

    • Interest Rates

    As a stock investor, you must have information on changes in interest rates. Learning about the likelihood of future rise or fall in interest rate is also important. Investors should properly understand rate cuts or increase in interest rate to make profits. Thoughtful evaluation of economic news is beneficial to predict the ongoing market trends.

    • Economic Indicator

    Consumer sentiments play a major role in influencing the market figures. If you can spot lagging indicators you eventually understand how the public would spend their money. Besides, it also allows professional traders to predict future market trends.

    If the consumer sentiments are high sectors like real estate will grow and unemployment goes down. It indicates that high-end retailers will perform better.

    • Changes In Energy Sector

    If you invest regularly in the stock market, information on oil production and domestic inventory is important. It affects the economy and future growth of a nation. Availability of crude oil at reasonable prices makes a sizeable impact on the performance of the share market.

    • Importance Of Timely Market Data

    Investors in the stock market require continuous updates of the market. It also involves keeping track of the various aspects like economic, industrial, and company-specific data. You need not dive into the inferences of every domain but having a clear idea of the market dynamics is always helpful.

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    Keep track of business news from various resources and media channels. Look out for data and events that can have a probable impact on the economy. Collecting information from different resources ensures that you are not influenced by biased news.

    If you want to make a proper stock selection must know what type of stocks to avoid. According to experts, it is best to keep away from Commodity type businesses, businesses with a gross margin below 20%, businesses that operate on thin margins, and those with accusations.

    The Process Of Stock Screening

    Before the emergence of online stock screeners stock screening was essentially a manual process. It allowed investors to explore trading opportunities as per market trends.

    However, manual stock screening was very time-consuming and labor-intensive. Modern stock screening platforms allow traders to set specific criteria for screening companies. These stock screening tools can evaluate thousands of stocks within a small time. You get instant results with the aid of stock screeners.

    The filtering mechanism is crucial for recognizing stocks that can grow. You can calibrate the stock screener as per your long or short-term earnings. You can also make use of technical criteria to determine key reversals for improving earning opportunities. As a trader, if you feel to include specific criteria the stock screener will automatically detect and shortlist such stocks. Stock screening tools can easily identify and shortlist thousands of stocks as per your criteria.

    You can set technical and fundamental criteria for quickly shortlisting stocks. The information is available based on day trading or real-time intraday screening. Regular stock screeners make use of fundamental criteria, but you can also choose to include technical evaluations for appropriate screening.

    First, you need to know about the technical criteria for filtering stocks. The criteria used in how to screen for growth stocks may include

    Rising on unusual volume

    Probability of a price rise

    Stock trending up

    The price that has reached new heights

    Price above the resistance line

    There are several best stock screener for day trading  that you can access for free. However, if you're looking for real-time technical screeners then you might need to pay a subscription fee. You can also choose to use a stock screener that provides both fundamental and technical analysis of shares. It offers a wide range of screening criteria before investing in a particular share. You only invest in stocks that meet both the fundamental and technical criteria. These kinds of screeners offer better results as you evaluate both aspects for each kind of stop.

    Stock screeners are fundamentally meant for screening the market in real-time. At times professional traders also lose their profit due to human influences. Modern stock screeners eliminate human errors and provide real-time updates on market changes. Using online stock screeners is essential to pick the right set of stocks for your portfolio. These have become an essential tool for professional investors in recent times. Besides, using stock screeners also consider the suggestion of stockbrokers. As long as you continue to take a strategic approach you are most likely to earn a profit. Always keep in mind stock screening strategies and caution are the two most crucial elements of success in the stock market.


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