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    By: Bijan Biswal
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    By: Bijan Biswal
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    Are you planning for a profitable online business? You are on the right platform; here, you can clear all your doubts and get profitable tips for your business. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many offline businesses have been stopped, and the online platform has risen with many exciting offers.  The online business has covered all the regions of the world; it does not matter where your location is. The online business has access to various regions. If you are having a skill and searching for online business ideas 2021, you must look into the profitable online business ideas discussed below.

    1. Homemade product selling online

    If you are a homemaker or any other profession, you have an interest in preparing homemade products; then this online platform is for you. You can transform your passion into a professional platform where you can get many competitions in the market. If you look for homemade products, then you can include homemade or handmade jewellery, foods, art and crafts, clothing, candles, decorative items, and many more. These homemade products have more value in the global market. As the global population is maintaining a busy lifestyle, the demand for homemade products is increasing. So it can be considered a profitable online business.

    1. Providing online services

    To provide online services, you need to be available all the time for your business work. Home-based business for online service involves virtual assistance, personal training, house cleaning, dog walking, freelance writing, designing, marketing, and many more. In this online service, you require to develop networking with the clients. You need to keep commitment towards your work, and having a convincing nature is a plus point in this marketing field. So, this can be a good platform for you, which can make a profitable amount for your work.

    1. Offering online teaching

    Teaching is a job where you can share your knowledge with others. If you think you are a good demonstrator and can shape students' lives with your knowledge, you must go for this profession. During the pandemic COVID-19, the online mode of teaching became very popular as nobody can go out of his or her house to acquire knowledge.

    This online virtual mode of teaching is more profitable. In this type of teaching, you will simply sit at your home without going out anywhere and can earn more money by sharing your knowledge. So, offering an online teaching mode can be beneficial for you as it also comes under the top 10 small business ideas across the world.

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    1. Online content creator

    Nowadays, almost every individual is connected online on social media or any other platform. It has enhanced the growth of online creative skills. If you think you can be a good blogger or content creator for online media, then you must try for this field. Here you can monetize your creative skill by gaining more audiences for your account. As digital marketing is growing vastly, online content creators have more scope in this field.  This field has become top business trends for 2021.

    1. Selling unwanted products

    The unwanted products are more popular among consumers who are very conscious regarding environmental sustainability. If you think it’s an environment-friendly idea, then you must go for this and start selling your unwanted products with a good amount of money. Many companies take all the unwanted clothing and other materials. This business has brought more opportunities for people with home-based business skills.

    1. Earn money by playing video games

    Many people think that playing video games is just a waste of time, and some people think that you can play games only just for fun. However, some people will not agree with this as they know the importance of playing a video game. Yes, it has importance as many kinds of research mentioned that playing a video game makes you feel relax and keeps you away from stress.

    If you are a good online video game player, you can transform your hobby into a professional game player. Moreover, you can make money from this, which can be profitable to you.  Many online video game streaming platforms are available online where you can explore your skill.


    In this post, you have known various business ideas such as homemade product selling online, providing online services, offering online teaching, online content creator, selling unwanted products, playing video games. After reading profitable online business ideas, you must have found your answer, and choosing your future business ideas 2021 will be easy for you now.

    With the above-discussed business ideas, you can start up your own world without depending on anyone. These ideas do not cost you more money. It is only about your creative skills and implementing these skills into an online platform or connecting your personal skills to many other people.


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Bijan BiswalMonday , May 17 , 2021


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