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    By: Bijan Biswal
    God meets daily needs daily. Not weekly or annually. He will give you what you need when it is needed.
    By: Bijan Biswal
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    Good personal habits today make a great tomorrow. So, one should analyse their choices properly, in order to have a successful financially. Getting into a high salaried job is just not enough for financial success. The practice of managing and saving the earnings makes a lot of difference. 

    The first job makes one independent and helps to think individually, but spending money on wayward behaviour will result drastically. Financial planning for your first job can help in utilizing your earnings for family security, the standard of living, investment, asset formation, and many more. The first job savings plan will prevent sudden financial changes and keep you safe from getting off-track.

    Suggestion of Ten Personal Finance Tips for your First Job

    The confusion remains constant for a first-time employee about how to budget when you get your first job. Follow these management tips that can guide you in getting the right foot in your initial career. 

     ★ Start with basics:

    The first thing one should go for after having a job is to open a bank account and enable a direct deposit account. The money you will earn requires a bank deposit account, where issuing a card for daily use is also important. Many employers nowadays offer free direct deposit, and choosing a recurring deposit account will aid you in avoiding monthly maintenance. 

     ★ Payment of debts:

    Most of the people follow the same path of overspending as they did during their college days. For having a better first job savings plan, avoid using the credit card for everything. Limit the amount of expenditure on debt and try using cash for only essential items. Debts mean expenses out of budget, which one generally borrows from relatives or friends. It not only questions the credibility of your budgeting but also reflects a case of financial emergency. 

    If you still have credit card debt in your account or have any loans, then try an expenditure planning pattern that works for you. Financial planning for your first job will help you to reach the targets and make a quick debt payment.

     ★ Plan out a budget:

    Planning out may seem like the obvious step, but most people forget to do this step. Start with a layout of expenditure and follow it with maximum discipline. The more you stick to the budget, the more you will save money from your earnings.

    Consider thinking about the needs and wants of life. The spending of money on basic needs should in the first place and then think of your desires. Even if you make a good amount of money, you can still get into a financial crisis without planning. Budgeting is the first step in building wealth. One, who learns how to budget when you get your first job, takes control of finances.

     ★ Setting up goals:

    It is great to have clarity in mind about finance management. Every year plan out the goals and make sure to take necessary action to fulfill them. Achieving goals every time will boost morale, and one eagerly wants to get more into maintaining the financial status. Reading different books, attending classes, following magazines can help an individual to reach these goals.

     ★ Keep Savings for retirement:

    Retirement savings is a great investment for the future. If the company provides equal contribution, then adding your contribution can make a good percentage of amounts, and you can take maximum advantage of it. If you have a debt to pay, you can save a minimum percentage of income for retirement. 

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     ★ Invest in health and life insurance:

    Companies generally provide health insurance to the workers but even if companies do not have it, try making one yourself. Health is the greatest asset of life, and protecting it should remain in top priority. Investing money in life insurance is also crucial to safeguard the future of near and dear ones. At a younger age, it is easy to get premium at a lower cost as the body is most disease-free and healthy. Getting it at the right time can save a lot of money.

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     ★ Prepare savings as an emergency cushion:

    A person who does not have savings are likely to borrow money from others which will lead to future debts. After removing expenses from income, we get savings. So, the fewer expenses you make, the more money you save. A sudden monetary requirement can make one tensed and irritated. But having savings handy will act as an emergency cushion and make your life easier. If possible, prepare an extra emergency fund where you can deposit money from time to time and access it when necessary.

     ★ Make investments:

    one can have various goals in life, such as short-term goals, mid-term goals, and long-term goals. Short-term goals involve trips, vacations, expenses on luxury items, whereas mid-term goals include expenses for certain years. Long terms goals are those goals one plans for retirement or the future like savings. You can invest some money in the public provident fund (PPF) or mutual funds. If you are confused about investments, consider taking expert help.  

     ★ Estimate housing needs:

    The housing need you might have at the beginning of your career may not remain the same after few years. Adjusting your space with a limited budget may sound useful now, but in the long-term, you will require some more needs. Saving money for housing and estimating housing costs in the future will help you to get great deals without much effort.

     ★ Keeping track of investments and expenses:

    It is important to build a habit of noting down investments and expenses on a regular basis. Initially, it may feel tiring and boring, but once you start it, you will get used to it. This will allow you to determine the future allocation of funds and plan accordingly. It also creates more chances of saving money.

    All these tips are nothing new for money-savers, but for young workers, the knowledge might be useful. There is a lifelong journey ahead, and with good financial management, you can put your life at much ease.



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Bijan BiswalThursday , March 18 , 2021


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