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    By: Bijan Biswal
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    By: Bijan Biswal
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    (ITR) is a structure wherein the citizens document data about his pay procured and charge pertinent to the personal expense division. The division has advised seven different structures, such as ITR 1, ITR 2,…ITR 7. Each citizen should record their ITR at the very latest the predefined due date. The appropriateness of ITR structures differs depending upon the citizen's types of revenue, the measure of the pay acquired, and the class, the citizen, has a place with like HUF, people, organization, etc.

    The CBDT or otherwise known as the Central Board of Direct Taxes has advised the ITR structures – ITR-1 and ITR-4 for the appraisal year (AY) 2020-21. These structures were advised on January 3, 2020. This time the load up has been fast in delivering the structures. It will help the citizens be prepared with all the essential data and record their personal government forms effortlessly for FY 2019-20. The changes in ITR forms for ay 2020-21, which are more relevant, are ITR 1, ITR 4, and application to all forms. 

    Cases where ITR 1 is applicable

    1. A person with a carry/forward misfortune under the head 'Pay from house property can at this point don't utilize ITR-1 to document his/her annual expense forms. You can also find this information for changes in ITR forms for ay 2020-21 taxguru

    2. In the event that the house property is leased, the citizen should give the name and Aadhaar or PAN of the occupant in the ITR-1.

    3. Another revelation has been added to Part A-General Information of ITR-1. Here, a citizen should uncover whether he/she has a legitimate Indian visa. If indeed, he/she should give the visa number.

    4. A different segment has been presented under 'Pay from other hotspots' for allowance u/s 57(iv) – in the event of interest got on remuneration or improved pay under segment 56(2)(viii).

    5. The 'Nature of Employment' has been moved from Part A-General Information to B1 of Part B-Salary Schedule of ITR-1. 

    Cases where ITR4 is applicable 

    1. A citizen who has a carry/forward any losses from 'Pay from house property' can't utilize ITR-4 to record his government form for FY 2019-20 onwards. 

    2. If the house property is leased, the citizen should give name and PAN or Aadhaar of the inhabitant in the ITR-4. 

    3. Another divulgence has been added to Part A-General Information of ITR-1. Here, a citizen should unveil whether he/she has a substantial Indian identification. Suppose that indeed, he/she should submit the passport. This is one of the key changes in ITR forms for ay 2020-21. 

    4. The extra clarification needed by the personal expense division from the citizens utilizing ITR-4 in FY 2019-20 are as per the following:

    1. Has the citizen kept a sum or total of sums surpassing Rs 1 crore in at least one current record during the earlier year? In the event that, indeed, the sum must be accounted for that.
    2. Has the citizen spent a sum or total of the sum surpassing Rs 2 lakh for movement to an outside country for himself/herself or some other individual? On the off chance that indeed, the sum must be accounted for that. 
    3. Has the citizen caused a use surpassing Rs 1 lakh on power utilization during the earlier year? On the off chance that indeed, the sum must be accounted for that.

    5. Suppose an agent is documenting ITR-4, the Aadhaar number of the delegate is needed to be given in ITR-4 from FY 2019-20 onwards.

    6. The citizens utilizing ITR-4 will likewise need to unveil the accompanying extra subtleties in Part A-General data: 

    1. Regardless of whether the citizen is an accomplice of a firm? Suppose, indeed, he should outfit the name and PAN of the firm. 
    2. Subtleties of accomplices of the firm like name, address, level of an offer in the firm, PAN, Aadhar number, the pace of interest on capital, and compensation paid/payable.

    7. The 'Nature of Employment' has been gone from the Part A-General data to B1 of Part B-of ITR-4 Salary Schedule. 

    8. The Financial particulars of the business segment of the ITR-4 have been supplanted by "Points of interest of money and bank exchanges identifying with hypothetical business." Under this tab, the citizen should enter the initial equilibrium of money and bank (total of all ledgers), receipts during the year, and instalments or withdrawals made in the earlier year.

    Cases where application to all forms are applicable

    1. Compelling from April 1, 2017, suppose you do not document your return inside the due date; there will be a toll up to Rs 10,000 under Section 234F. Also, to underline this, there is a field on structures explicitly to outfit subtleties of charge payable under Section 234F in the profits.

    2. It is required to record the personal assessment forms online for every one of the enlisted citizens, with the exception of the individuals who are over 80 years old and don't have any payment from a business.

    Other essential changes highlights of ITR Forms for AY 2020-2021

    Following are the essential changes in ITR 6 for ay 2020-21 that every citizen needs to know:

    In case your power bills have been more than Rs 1 lakh in total during the FY, you require to reveal the actual sum.

    One is required to show the Passport number whenever held by the citizen. This is to be outfitted both in ITR 4-Sugam and ITR 1-Sahaj. Ideally, it will be made compulsory in other ITR shapes as and when they are informed.

    Suppose you have spent more than Rs 2 lakh on going abroad during the FY; you need to reveal the genuine sum spent.

    The last date for documenting expense forms is July 31 for non-review cases. Notwithstanding, during the current year ITR documenting date has been reached out till November 30, 2020, because of pandemic Covid-19.

    Comprehensive information of venture, meeting all requirements for derivation under Part VIA with the segmentation of subtleties of speculation made during the time frame from April 1, 2020, to June 30, 2020.

    How ITR Forms for AY 2020-2021 is beneficial?

    Recording the ITR will help people when they need to apply for vehicle advance (2-wheeler or 4-wheeler), or House Loan, and so on. All significant banks can request a duplicate of expense forms.

    Most government offices and offices expect you to outfit duplicates of your tax returns for the recent years at the hour of the visa application.

    In the event that you file a return document inside the due date, you can carry forward all losses to resulting years, which can be utilized to set off against pay of ensuing years.

    In the event that you are needed to record your Tax returns, however, didn't, the expense official merits the option to force a punishment of up to Rs.5,000.


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