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    By: Bijan Biswal
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    By: Bijan Biswal
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    The global outbreak of covid-19 has completely disrupted the economy across the world. It is causing substantial concerns and economic hardships for businesses, communities, and individual customers. The impact of covid-19 has brought the entire world to a complete standstill. Organizations are preparing themselves with issues like crisis management, workforce issues, tax and trade issues, supply chain, financial reporting, and more.

    Large enterprises and financial institutions typically have business continuity plans. But individuals and small businesses are not able to cope up with the rapidly changing variables post-covid-19. Contingency plans help ensure operational effectiveness in event of natural disaster, power outage, cyber incidents, or other events. It does not take into account long periods of quarantine, travel restrictions, long periods of school closure, or other precautions. Banks lending during covid-19 requires additional evaluations for regulatory purposes and reputational issues.

    Financial institutions are also finding it hard to respond to these circumstances. As it might have a substantial impact on future customer and employee relations. The following section of this article talks about how lenders can help their customers in the current situation.

    Caring For the Customer as a Lender

    Hard lenders should ensure that their customers have easy access to necessary information. Details for making a loan application, credit card online, or credit instructions should be easily available.

    Provide clear guidance and approval criteria

    Lending firms are coming across a large number of requests through phone calls and emails to lower mortgage rates. In the current situation as a lender, one must develop guidance for customer’s approval and documentation.

    Improve Transparency of Processes by Clear Communication

    Lenders must allow customers to know the different steps they were taking for the quick processing of applications. Customers are constantly anticipating their position in the process. They are looking for someone who can answer their questions and know how the current situation is affecting loan approvals.

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    Make Use of Estimates from the Automated Valuation Model for Appraisal Purposes

    Lenders offer very few waiver facilities. The finance of home mortgages is also dependent on information on a current appraisal. The financing sector is already experiencing capacity constraints due to the nonpayment of mortgages in recent years. Presently the situation is even more complicated as most borrowers are over the age of 50 or affected by the virus and are supposed to stay back at home. Lenders are mostly taking appraisal decisions depending on previous financial records. Some are even developing new communication methods, training material, and processes to let customers know about the new policies and methods of customer handling.

    Offering Virtual Services 

    In places worst affected by covid customers are not able to contact lenders personally. Hence it is important to ensure that they have alternative options for clear communication. If there is a significant rise in the number of online requests employ additional staff for managing customer requests.

    Fix and flip loans for new investors have become a necessity in the present situation. Customers are looking for hard money loans to give themselves much-needed assistance in the time of need. Lenders must simplify their approval processes to provide funding to their customers. One can easily avail of hard money loans especially in this coronavirus crisis. Customers are not required to have a high credit score as advisors are working hard to provide them assistance in this difficult time.

    How Hard Money Loan Works

    Arranging the Necessary Equity or Down Payment

    Customers opting for hard money loans need to ensure that they have the necessary down payment or equity for approval. Lenders are more likely to approve a loan for individuals with a substantial down-payment.

    Assessing the Financial Strength

    Before opting for a hard money loan it is essential to know that one needs to deal with multiple cost holdings. In this stage of the process, experts discuss taxes and insurance applicable to the loan.

    Real Estate Experience

    The lenders will contact the customer to know about their existing real estate experience. The more experience of how to start flipping houses with no money the better for approval of the loan. Individuals with limited experience will be required to produce the details of previous projects and experience.

    It is expected that the coronavirus outbreak will be a once-in-a-century event. Industries across various sectors have learned a lot from this crisis. Remote work, online services, and customer-friendly responses have helped in easing the difficulties of the customer. Lenders have also made a series of changes to keep up with the difficult times. It is crucial customers and employees have the much-needed support and financial aid so that they can get back with work and life with very few interruptions. Fix and flip loans for beginners are allowing borrowers to get the much-needed help in these difficult times without much difficulty.


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Bijan BiswalMonday , June 07 , 2021


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