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    By: Bijan Biswal
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    By: Bijan Biswal
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    A cryptocurrency is a form of encrypted digital asset that serves as a medium of exchange for various online transactions. This mode of online transaction is also responsible for creating additional units of asset. However, not many people or businesses are aware of this concept. Cryptocurrencies have already started ruling the economy. 

    From a technical point of view, it can be said that any entity can qualify as a currency as long as both the parties in the transaction agree. This concept has been in existence since prehistoric times.

    The introduction and use of paper currency have transformed into a stable economic mechanism for value in goods and services. Upcoming generations believe that even the value of a paper currency can deteriorate over a period. Besides, the centralization of fiat currency has become a major concern. It would give financial entities and the government the power to control the monetary assets of people. So is cryptocurrency really the future read on to know more.

    How Does Cryptocurrency Works?

    Cryptocurrency is a type of decentralized digital asset that is used as a mode of exchange. The entire architecture is based on a blockchain that keeps a record of every transaction in a digital ledger. The process of documenting digital transactions is termed mining. Cryptocurrencies are self-contained entities and do not require the interference of any bank or financial authority.

    Cryptocurrencies are similar to physical money that has value and is acceptable for trading purposes. Cryptocurrencies can be traded by transferring them from the wallet of one holder to another. All these transactions take place over a blockchain network for additional security. According to the claims of currency developers it is protected against the threats of the internet and unauthorized manipulations. The network architecture is so complex that it is almost impossible for anyone to manipulate the network.

    Confirmation of Cryptocurrency Transaction

    Cryptocurrencies include a network of peers and each of the participants has access to all the transactions within the network. Every user is verified before performing a transaction. Transfer of assets takes place only when the network receives a sign of the sender's private key. Next, a broadcast message is forwarded to the network. Post execution of the transaction the peers receive confirmation. After the confirmation is received the transaction cannot be reversed or changed.

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    Growth of Value and Not Money

    Cryptocurrencies are essentially a tool for decentralizing money. Governments across the world have stopped accepting cryptocurrency in any form of payment. Some of them have even imposed a ban and restriction on cryptocurrency trading. Economies around the world are mostly standing on the government’s control over their currency. The present system allows governments to decide how much currency should be present in an economy. If cryptocurrencies effectively start replacing traditional forms of currency with this power will be gone. There are some genuine concerns as well. Decentralization of financial transactions can result in illegal activities like money laundering and tax evasion.

    Coexistence of Both Forms Is More Practical

    The future of cryptocurrency in India cannot completely replace paper-based currency. The coexistence of both forms will be a more practical choice and hence regulations are necessary. At present cryptocurrencies are in a highly vulnerable state. A strict regulatory framework is necessary for the protection of crypto holders.

    Another noticeable factor is the presence of multiple cryptocurrencies in the market. Currencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin are only holding their values despite fluctuations in the market. Newly introduced cryptocurrencies like Shiba Inu, meme coin, and Dogecoin do not hold the same kind of value.

    Investors are also considering crypto as a payment alternative. They are using it to invest across multiple investment tools like mutual funds and stocks. It is one of the reasons why numerous coins do not change their IP address for some years. This clearly shows that some investors are also hoarding cryptocurrency. Nations like the US have already started accepting cryptocurrencies.

    Future Projection of Cryptocurrency

    In the last few years, the world has observed that cryptocurrencies are highly volatile. Volatility primarily depends on the decision of financial regulators. The popularity of cryptocurrencies will grow exponentially. At present cryptocurrency the future of money book is in its initial stages. Hence assuming the future would be difficult. Still, it will make a substantial impact on the world economy. Financial experts believe that miners will not be able to make huge profits by creating new blocks.

    It is the perfect time for businesses to leverage the benefits of cryptocurrencies. Digital forms of currency are all set to make an impact on business transactions of the future.  It will eventually become the future of economic dealings. Cryptocurrency future predictions show that by the end of the decade physical wallets will be a thing of history. People will mostly use mobile wallets and currencies like crypto. Governments are trying to develop new regulatory policies that will help in managing and protecting digital money. According to reports RBI is also working on the introduction of a digital rupee in the coming days that will give tough competition to cryptocurrencies.


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Bijan BiswalThursday , June 10 , 2021


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